You have the power to save someone’s life and may not even realize it. You can save someone and lift them out from a downward spiral. You can also save someone’s life by turning around their negative and worthless thoughts and emotions. How powerful is that? All it takes, is that one person. You can be that one person. Just by taking the time to show someone that you care and you are there for them, you can make all the difference in the world.

Have you ever reached that breaking point in your life? When you could no longer take one more negative comment or afford to have one more thing go wrong? You were looking for that ray of hope?  You were praying for something or someone to keep you going? Then… just when you thought that you could not take any more, some pivotal person appears and turns your life around. Or maybe you were that person, who walked into someone’s life to save them? Personally, I have been on both sides.

Let me share something with you that very few people know about me. I am sharing this story for insight to give you one example of someone needing help or to be saved.

On the outside my world seemed perfect. I was strong and could always be counted on to help, confide in or to cheer someone up. I was always positive and had a smile on my face. I was an expert at masking my feelings and deep emotions. Too many people had counted on me for strength. I could not show weakness. No one would have ever guessed that I was suffering internally. In fact, it was only in retrospect, that I even recognized that I was suffering. By me keeping busy with helping and pleasing others, I never allowed myself time to feel. Then my world came crashing down and the Universe forced me to take notice.

Although, I couldn’t chose the right partner for the life of me, my life on the outside looked good. I had two beautiful daughters, a nice house, and my own business. I would regularly attend concerts, NHL hockey games and traveled often. My life appeared great. Then, it all got swept away from under me.

When I was talking about removing toxic people, I said that because I have been there. I made bad choices. I trusted people close to me, whom have repeatedly proven that they could not be trusted. I refused to believe people could be that way. I was hoping that they would change. Because I made the choice to once again trust the wrong person, I lost everything.


When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. You can save someone's life.


In 2009, it was a tough year for many people…and I was no exception. Several people were losing their homes and because of a bad business decision, I lost mine also. I suffered one and a half years of chronic stress, leading up to this failed business. How could an extremely hard working person, become unemployed?

Along with losing my house and business, I had also lost most of my possessions, family, friends, inner strength and my pride. People who were “there” for me when times were good, were no longer there when times got bad. Mainly because I no longer had the energy to constantly be there for them.

I have had many struggles and challenges in my life, but by far this was the toughest. I was losing everything. My entire world was collapsing, as I once knew it.  Also with this extra free time, many compiling issues that I was previously able to suppress, began to resurface.  I felt worthless and hopeless. I was having close family members kicking me while I was down and had very few people that I could count on. I was faced with many tough realities and my character was being severely tested. My life was becoming more and more unbearable. It was getting harder and harder for me stay positive and have the strength to keep going. This was without a doubt, my rock bottom.

Then my one person showed up. My close friend and business partner, drove 45 minutes to my house. She dropped everything because she “knew” that I needed her.  You see, many of us strong people, really struggle with asking for help.  We are used to being the one helping others. It’s an extremely harsh reality to find out that all those people who you have helped, somehow vanish, the one time you need them.

Thankfully, my friend stood by my side. She spent several hours with me. She listened to me, understood me and unconditionally loved me. She also helped me with everyday simple tasks that I have been neglecting. This amazing friend, was my Angel and saving grace. She showed me a ray of hope and was a guiding light; a light that no longer looked like the light of an oncoming train.


You can save someone's life.



  1. Take time to reach out to a friend that never expects anything from you.
  2. Make someone’s life a little easier by helping them with a simple task.
  3. Be kind to everyone, even a stranger. You never know what hard struggles they may be facing.
  4. Just be there for someone and show that you care.
  5. Stop and actively listen. Sometimes we get so busy in our own lives, we may not hear someone’s subtle cries for help.
  6. If your friend has suicidal thoughts, take them seriously. You cannot cure someone who is severely depressed. Get help immediately.


Take some time this week to take notice of those in your life. Pay particular attention to those who rarely ask for anything, but are always there if you need them. Show some appreciation. Try to make a conscious effort to be even more kinder, compassionate and understanding to everyone you come across. You never know…you could turn out to be that one person to make a difference and possibly save someone’s life.



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