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Note to Self: Empowerment

7 Steps to Help You Find Your True Self, Purpose, and Power Within


Your true self is dying to be discovered and your purpose revealed. Follow along Trina Hall’s tumultuous journey, in Note to Self: Empowerment, as she reveals and guides you through the 7 steps that will transform your life. Trina’s balance of vulnerability, compassion and unwavering strength will help inspire, motivate and empower you. While being enthralled by her compelling story, she provides profound wisdom, incredible insights, valuable tips and simple exercises in order to avoid needless suffering. These tools allow the direction of your life path to become clearer. You will be able to move forward through your life with confidence and ease. Now is your time to get the love you have always desired and the inner peace you long for. Take back your power and live the life you are meant to.

I met Trina at a local networking event and heard part of her story personally. Being curious to learn more, I picked up her book. It was a very personal book about the struggles that Trina faced, that was extremely honest and open, including even personal e-mails that she sent.

The book goes into how she turned her life around as a single mother of two, after hitting rock bottom. She turned her journey into a series of practical steps for others to learn.

It reminded me a lot of the work of Glennon Doyle Melton in how honest yet uplifting she is in telling her story. Her journey is quite inspirational; Some of us are knocked down by life and those experiences can make us cynical and bitter OR they get us to search for meaning in the pain and seek something better. Trina is definitely in the second category.Stefania Sigurdson

Trina Hall writes a powerful story of being knocked down again and again by life and by the people in her life. She’s shares with us the tools she used to completely transform her story into one of triumph using these amazing steps to create empowerment. She coaches you along the way with love, strength and a true conviction that anyone can use these same steps to create their own transformation. That’s empowerment indeed!! If you are looking to pick yourself up and create your own empowerment, these steps will help you do just that! Reading this book is like having your own personal life coach guiding you every step of the way! Looking for Empowerment? Grab this book now! Kim Louise Morrison

Fantastic book!!!!! Great advice for dealing with modern day issues. Everyone has the right to be happy, and Trina can help you find the right path. Great read…. Great advice…. Great job Trina Hall! Marilyn A.