Everyone needs encouragement. Life can be tough. If you are worn down or tired, it can be easy to be brought down. No matter how positive you are. Especially since we are surrounded by negativity in the media, internet and in our workplace etc. Being around people trying to bring you down or drain your energy, can really take its toll on you. Can you use some more positivity in your life? Are you needing a few more words of encouragement to turn your day around? Let me be that person. This post is meant to lift you up. I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be around encouraging people.

My mother was my only source of encouragement. Her strength and positive words could get you through the toughest times. When she passed away prematurely to cancer, I felt alone. I was left in a cruel world of jealous, unhappy people. No one was ever happy to hear when things were going well for me. They would make a conscious effort to rain on my parade. All I attracted into my life were negative, jealous, manipulative, and self-absorbed people.


You have the power to change anything in your life - Trina Hall


Things changed when someone new entered my life with the encouraging words, “Because you deserve it”. It’s funny how a few simple words, said at a crucial moment in your life, can turn things around for you. Those words were so powerful that they opened my eyes and would often echo through my mind. Until that moment, no one had ever been genuinely nice to me, without any ulterior motives. Naturally I had to ask “Why are you being so nice to me? Why are you doing all of this for me?” His answer was said with such conviction that I had no choice but to believe them to be true. I did deserve it. I mean, I have always been there for others and would do anything for them. Why wouldn’t I deserve the same in return? If you ever find yourself at a low point in your life or having a bad day, I hope some of these words will have a positive impact on your life.


1) You deserve only the best.
2) You are good enough, just as you are. Stop being so hard on yourself.
3) You deserve to be respected and cherished for the amazing person you are.
4) You are worthy of being loved unconditionally.
5) You have the power to change anything in your life that you are not happy with.


Only surround yourself with people who provide love, kindness, positivity, and encouragement - Trina Hall


I have since learned that the people who you attract and tolerate in your life are a direct reflection of your self-worth. I am happy to admit that I am no longer attracting the bottom of the barrel. Make sure you only surround yourself with happy and encouraging people. It surprised me to find out how many loving, kind, compassionate people there are in this world. Where were they all hiding during my lifetime? Take a look at your life. Who are you attracting and tolerating? You deserve to only be surrounded by people who provide love, kindness, positivity and encouragement.



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  1. Avatar

    I highly recommend anyone who read this blog, to write down your “WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT” on paper. Make sure YOU read them “EVERYDAY”,
    mainly because it worked for “ME”!!!!

  2. Avatar

    It is very difficult to deal with a problem, like this?? Am I really helping some people or am I creating and changing the life of another person!! Loving, supportive and caring people are hard to find!! When I look back of some of the people I have helped, I really don’t know, if it was for the GOOD or BAD!! WHAT A DELIMA?????

    • Trina Hall

      You are such a kind, compassionate and caring person. Instead of worrying what is good, bad, right or wrong for these other people…do what you feel in your heart is right. That is all you have control over. You can needlessly drive yourself crazy trying to figure all that out. If you continue doing what is right for you, things will naturally fall into place. People who genuinely care for you, only want the best for you, want you to be happy and have your best interests at heart.

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