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We all create walls to protect ourselves. It doesn’t matter which stage we are at in our lives. Or which level of personal growth we have reached. The more we feel hurt or unsafe, the higher our walls become and the more difficult it will be to tear them down. It’s human nature. Even if you are not completely happy and the people around you are not treating you the greatest, you feel safe in your own little world. It is familiar to you. You know what to expect. It is all you ever have known. You surround yourself with walls because you cannot handle any more hurt or negativity to be brought into your life. Although walls can seem necessary to protect yourself, they are in fact doing the opposite.

You might be so used to the comfort within your walls, that you may not even realize you have them. Your life becomes stagnant and unfulfilling. You may feel like you are free and living life to the fullest, when in fact it is only within certain perimeters. Many years ago, I was at that point. I remember having a close friend wishing they could tear down my walls. I remember feeling shocked. I knew that I self-protected, but I didn’t feel that I had walls so high that my friend would have noticed. Then I became aware of the protective bubble that I had placed around me. I knew my life was meant to be more than it was. Although on the outside my life looked exciting, inside I felt trapped. I knew it was time to break down my walls.


Soar High Above Your Walls - Trina Hall



  1. In order to break free from your walls and elevate your life, you need to surround yourself with people whom are positive, uplifting and encouraging. If you only know one person that treats you well, then spend your free time with that one person. Hopefully he/she will introduce you to more like-minded people and a new world will open up.
  2. Once you are convince this person/people are out for your best interest, you will begin to put your guard down. Your walls will lower and you will have more room to trust. You will begin to feel better about yourself. It feels great to be liked for the person you are, just as you are.
  3. When you get reintroduced to your old world, you will find that you will be less patient and tolerant of poor treatment. You now know better. You will find that you are extra sensitive of it. You love the feeling of being treated well and appreciated. It’s a great feeling. You find it refreshing. You will want more of that and less of the criticizing.


There is an Amazing World Outside Your Walls


You have more power than you think. You can always choose whether to stay or to go. Get out and roam around outside the safety of your compound. You can live more freely among safe people. Keep expanding and your life will continue to be exciting.



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