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Fun tends to be missing in our lives. Remember when we were so much fun and had unlimited energy? Have those times been lost a long time ago? Were you a child the last time you acted silly? Or, are you like me and have people ask “How old are you?” Not like they are really curious about your age, but they are implying that you are immature and are not acting your age. That’s me and my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am responsible, but I also think there should be room for fun. I have never been overly serious, as I had to make light of many stressful events in my life. Do you think it is time for more fun in your life?

So…why am I wearing this ridiculous clown nose? I am not a clown. In fact, I was a little hesitant about putting it on. I was in Rome, on a bus. The bus was filled with mostly middle aged adults from all around the world. We were traveling to the Pier where our ship was waiting for us to embark on a 14 Day Cruise throughout the Mediterranean.

I sat at that very back of the bus beside an amazing lady from New York City, named Diane. She used to be a comedian. We talked on Skype for an hour before our trip because we were both traveling alone. Most of our Skype session was spent in hysterics and I knew she would be a fun person to hang around with.To get an idea of how hard we were laughing, watch this video.

So here we were sitting at the back of the bus and Diane randomly pulls out a clear plastic baggie with two red balls inside. At first I thought they were those balls you squeeze to release stress. I figured she was anxious or excited for the trip and wanted to relax. Then I thought they were juggling balls? But why would she pack two juggling balls? I asked her “What are those”? She simply replied “They are clown noses”. I was shocked and even asked her “Of all the things you needed to pack for 14 days, clown noses were one of them”? She simply responded “Yes, because they make people happy”. She put one on and I started to laugh. She was right. They do make people happy! My laughter stopped when she said asked me to put one on. I only hesitated for a minute before I thought, why not?


When you let go of the reins so tightly, the ride can become fun. You may be surprised when you enjoy life even more with some spontaneity and less control



It is natural for your first instinct to wonder what others would think. I do have to admit for an instant, I was concerned that all the people on the bus would think we were crazy. I am a big advocate of not caring what others think of you, so I refused to be a hypocrite. If you are having fun and not hurting anyone, who cares? Don’t hold back!


When you are having fun, it can become contagious. You can brighten someone’s day. Others will want to join in. Be bold and make the first move.


Life gets tough and we tend to get too serious. We forget to have fun. It is important to honor that little kid inside of you, who is desperately wanting to come out and play. It keeps you young and vibrant.


Remember to free your inner child and have tons of fun in your life. You can never laugh too hard or smile too much - Trina Hall


You can never have too much fun in your life. You can always use more smiles and laughter. It relieves the tension and stress. It makes people happy. Most importantly, it will make you happy.



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