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Timing is everything. Many people wonder when all that they dreamed of is finally going to come into fruition. Like meeting the love of your life, having children, finding peace, having the dream job, house or car. Whatever it is that you may be longing for, it can seem like forever. You can become frustrated and impatient.

Several years ago, I had felt this exact same way. Then I received an email that completely changed my perspective. It gave me some reassurance that everything will happen in perfect timing. I have shared these words with some friends and have referenced them myself throughout the years. I am going to share the content of this email sent by an old friend, Caroline Harris www.pathwaytowellness.ca. They have been powerful words in my life. I hope these words will help you also:


After you have enough insight to question why something difficult or unexpected has occurred in your life, you must also ask why it happened when it did.

There are no coincidences in the universe in terms of why something has occurred, nor are there any coincidences in terms of when the event has taken place.

Your awareness of timing plays a crucial role in your success in every aspect of your life. To ensure greatest success, the universe will not allow any personal or professional opportunity to become available to you before the timing is perfect.

One of the most frustrating aspects of our existence on the physical plane is developing the patience required to work toward long-awaited personal and professional goals with discipline and resolute determination.

Quite often, we feel more than ready for a particular opportunity to present itself and yet we are forced to wait until a time our Angels have determined is best for us.


Timing is Everything 2


The things that matter most will show up in your life. They will happen at the most perfect time and better than you can image. Be patient and trust that there is something great in store for you.



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