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Self-worth is the determining factor of your total worth.  It influences how rich your relationships are, your happiness, your income…in fact, your entire life. Everyone knows that Oprah makes a ton of money. But deeper than that, she has a strong sense of self-worth and values. She is not afraid to walk away, hold out for what she feels she deserves and what is right. She stays true to herself. Her high self-worth, persistence, hard work and strong core values are what helped her get to where she is today. You have the exact same power within you to be worth as much as Oprah.

Many times people devalue themselves because they have low self-worth and a shattered self-esteem. This is caused by growing up with someone close to you repeatedly putting you down. You start to feel like you can never be good enough. Also, if you made some big mistakes in the past, you may feel guilt and regret, which may also diminish your value. The majority of people have gone through many struggles and have had someone important to them repeatedly put them down. It is important to realize that regardless of what was said or done in the past, you are worth more.


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Raise Your Self-Worth

It is important to know your value. You have your own unique personality, strengths and talents that only you can offer this world. Awareness of this brings about a greater confidence and raises your self-worth. You will not tolerate people making you feel less worthy. Your life will just go up from here.

Let Go of the Past

We are all human and have all made mistakes or bad choices. We are continually learning and growing. You have the power in this very moment to decide to turn things around. Whatever negative thing, you or someone else has said or done prior to this moment, will no longer negatively affect you.


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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Hold out for what you want and what you feel you deserve. If in your heart, you feel something is not right or serving you well, stick to what you feel is. It is amazing how the right people and situations will rise up to your level.

Do Not Waste Your Time Explaining Yourself

There is no need to continually try and prove or explain your worth to someone who clearly does not appreciate or recognize your magnificence. You should not be in a position where you feel you need to apologize to anyone for who you are. You are wasting your valuable time. Stay true to yourself and remember your worth. (Here is an article that I have written addressing my personal triumph regarding this very topic). http://www.trinahall.com/one-mag-january-2015/




I believe your inner and outer values interrelate. Ultimately, only you can determine your worth and how you will allow others to treat you. Once you work on the inside, your outer world will reflect this upgrade. We all have the same power as Oprah or anyone else that you feels holds more value than yourself. Knowing that we are all born with this power, is empowering in itself. Don’t hold yourself back. When you truly understand the extent of your worth, you will have unlimited possibilities and prosperity.



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