Everything happens for a reason. You hear people say this all the time. There is no denying that there is comfort in this statement. Especially when you feel like you made a mistake, a bad choice or something horrible has happened. It helps to know there is a higher purpose. That there is some divine progression and order to the natural unfolding of your life. It can be challenging to find faith in this, when you get caught up in the emotions of an event. It may seem cliché and many people have different opinions. But the older and wiser you get, the more you may begin to realize that everything happens for a reason.

There is a bigger picture. When you look back at all the pieces of your life, it becomes clearer. In retrospect, you may say “Well, this wouldn’t have happened, if this didn’t happen” or “I wouldn’t have met this person, if this didn’t happen the way it did”. But too often, we want answers right now. We want to make sense of it all and understand why things are happening. It can become frustrating if we cannot rationalize it.


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To Learn Lessons

All that happens to you is to teach you valuable lessons and provide you with tools to further help you in the future. You can also use your gained wisdom to teach and help others.

Your Natural Flow is Guiding You

There is a natural flow to your life. Synchronicites can bring awareness to this flow. Pay attention to the doors that are continuing to open or close in your life.  The Universe will shut doors to things that are not meant for your higher good.  Other doors will continue to open, until you begin to understand that it is the best direction or choice for you. Bring a greater awareness to what is happening around you and what people are saying to you. Often this is where you may find many of the answers you are looking for and the path of least resistance.


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Accept that Everything Happens for a Reason

There is a great relief and comfort that comes with trusting that everything happens for a reason. We cannot control the outer circumstances. All we can do, is the best we can with moving towards the direction we want to go and being the best person we can be.


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I am not saying that you should put your life on auto-pilot and not be conscious of your choices and decisions. It is important to live your life with purpose and intent. When you combine this with the natural flow, you will be more accepting and open to all life has to offer.




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    It is very difficult to not be conscious of past failures, particularly when based on someone you once loved, but were “dumped”. YOU MUST get yourself back up on “two feet”!! I have found the best way to get there, is to find TRUE FRIENDSHIP!! Once you gain the joys of being loved, for yourself and nothing else, you are on your track to “paradise”!! You do have to wait, but in the meantime, keep a positive attitude or you will gradually “destroy” YOURSELF!!!

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