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As you rise higher, you will become less tolerant of negativity. You become more sensitive. It begins to feel heavier than you remember. The weight of the energy becomes unbearable and you do not want anything to do with it. It is best to rise above it all.

Recently, my two daughters and I have been subjected to an overwhelming amount of negativity. I found myself back into the familiar position of being the outcast and the black sheep. I did not fit. I found myself extremely uncomfortable with what others seemed to enjoy and participated in. Except this time, I had my two daughters, by my side. The three of us are instilled with the same strong values and morals. We tried to rationalize and bring awareness to some truth, but it wouldn’t be had. We tried to interrupt relentless negativity and switched to positive energy, but our efforts were dismissed, unwelcomed and ignored. If we were to continue to try and defend and unveil the truth, it would have turned into a disaster. Negative people are set in their ways. You cannot reason with them or call them out on their wrong doings. You are on a different level and it is not worth the time and aggravation to deal with them. I have learned this lesson many times over.


Rise above the negativity


Rise Above

If you recognize that you are not getting anywhere and the other person is not on the same vibration as you to comprehend what you are saying…walk away. Refuse to lower down to their level and make a choice to continue to rise above and shine.

Send Out Positivity and Love

If you engage in the negativity then it will add more fuel and momentum to it. Instead, be positive and show compassion. Sometimes that can be enough to turn things around.

Speak Truth

Defending yourself and others with the truth is all you can do. You cannot control how others will react. They may not recognize, accept or understand what you are trying to say…until later. You did your due diligence and can now have peace with letting it go.


Rise above the negativity


It is extremely important to continue to rise above the negativity. As you continue to lift higher and higher, you will be introduced to people on that higher vibration. These people will exude positivity. They will value you, understand you, respect you and enhance your life.




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