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Many of you feel like this is going to be your BIG year. This is the year that you are going to make it all happen and everything is finally going to come together. You feel like this is your time to shine and many great things are going to come forth this year. I feel it to.

When you live playing it safely and try not to “rock the boat”, you may please a bit more people, but you will never be truly happy and fulfilled. You will soon realize that you are not doing what you want to do. Once you decide to better your life, you will start to feel the resistance, turbulence and dissatisfaction of those people who expect you to be there for them.

Now you have big dreams. You are ready for this big year. You want to follow your passion and the people who you have always been there for, are not there for you. In fact, you may find they will get angry with you or call you selfish. They try and make you feel bad and guilty for not being there for them. This is a common tactic that people who are only out for their own best interests use. Once you become aware of this fact, you will no longer tolerate these sorts of games and manipulation.


This is going to be a big year


The further along the right path you get and the closer you get to your goals, the more you may notice resistance:


People whom you thought cared about you and was out for your best interest, may become jealous and unsupportive. They may even give threats, ultimatums or the silent treatment. They may also try and make things very difficult for you to go in the directions of your dreams.


Bullies will continue to show up in your life throughout your adulthood. It doesn’t stop after high school. Your haters feel threatened by your greatness. They see your potential and drive, which causes them to feel more insecure. Once you realize this, you will become flattered. You will be more familiar with their tactics. You will become more resilient and less tolerant of destructive, unsupportive and negative behaviour. Do NOT let them control you. Your bullies should be the extra motivation for you to continue to do what you are doing. You are on the right path and great things will be ahead for you!


Big year



You will find that the closer you get to success or what you want, the more challenges and obstacles that will come forth. This will increase your drive and inner strength. Use your inner guidance to sort this out. Do you need to try a different approach?


Success is the best revenge 1


How badly do you want it? Stay strong. Keep your head up high. Some days are not going to be easy, but it will be worth breaking through these barriers. Surround yourself with positive, loving and supportive people. If you can only depend on your own inner strength, then show everyone what you are made of. This is your big year to shine!



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  1. Avatar

    This is truly my big YEAR TO SHINE, mainly because it will likely be my last year on earth!! I am no way upset about leaving, since I have been so fortunate, to surround my last number of people with TRUE, LOVING FRIENDS!!
    I feel I should be very aware of anyone, who does not fit this category!!
    A little weeding in my garden of friends, will no doubt help!!
    I am so glad, you once again have put me ,in the right direction!!!!!

    • Trina Hall

      Hi Don,

      You are extremely fortunate to have true and loving friends. Nobody knows when it will be their last year on earth…so we should all treat it as if it was. Just image how much more things you would do and see? How much more you would value your time and who you spend it with? Each moment is precious. It is important to make the most of them and not waste them on negative things or people who do not appreciate or value you. There are plenty of people who LOVE you!!!

      Thank you for your feedback. It is always appreciated!


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