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Truth. How do you figure out the truth if you are constantly being told lies? Some people lie to cover up wrong doings or bad habits. They may feel they are protecting you from getting hurt, when in the end, it hurts you even more. Many people are afraid of being real and showing their true selves. They create false fronts, in order to be accepted. Maybe you are afraid of revealing your true self in fear of being judged? In the end the truth always comes out.

I was tired of being told lies and people pretending to be something they were not. It was practically driving me crazy. When people were not being real or telling me lies, I could feel it. The truth makes sense and all these lies and fake people did not. I would try and give these people the benefit of the doubt, but it was just not adding up. I had decided that all I wanted was the truth. I was craving authenticity. I wanted people to be “real”. I welcomed the mistakes, flaws, quirks, bad habits…I welcomed it all. Even if it really hurt me, as long as it was the truth.




Embrace the Truth

As much as it hurts, it is always best to have the facts. When you see people or situations for what they really are, you can make a more informed decision that way. It will be based on truth, instead of lies. If you are struggling to figure out what is true, always go with what you feel deep down inside.

Avoid Denial

Avoiding the truth prolongs the inevitable. The truth will continue to nag at you until you decide to face it. Have the courage to deal with it head on. The sooner the better. You do not want to look back, shaking your head at all the time you have wasted.

Stand in Your Truth

Be true to who you are. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in or what is right. You will attract the people who will unconditionally love you, just as you are.




There is no denying that the truth is really going to hurt. It is going to be difficult if you find out you have been betrayed by a partner, family member, co-worker or friend. You may feel like a fool for falling for lies. It is not going to be fun when you find out that people are not who they said they were. You may become disappointed or devastated as peoples’ true colors are revealed in front of you.

I was thankful to have truth slap me in the face. I asked for truth and boy did it hurt. I became aware of what was around me. I guess I was being protected before because I was not ready to face and accept the truth as it really was. That is why many are in denial. I just thought that I was being a positive person and looking for the good in people. I would justify or make excuses for them. Eventually, I had to accept it for what it was. When the truth is revealed, you can make healthier, better choices.




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  1. One of the most difficult problems when someone is tell you “THE FACT”! Do you believe it or not?? Do you judge “The Fact” or the person telling YOU!! If you are with a TRUE LOVING FRIEND? You will have a quick answer, the other becomes a judgement!! Be careful of what someone tells you, put your “thinking CAP on!!!!!

    • Trina Hall

      That is an excellent point Don! when you are figuring out the truth, an important factor is the person it is coming from. How reliable is the source? Thank you for your amazing comment and input.

  2. I really appreciated this article. Truth does hurt but the pain is worth it. Thanks for the reminders and thought provoking insight !

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