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ExpiredElevate Your Life 2019

    November 16, 2019
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Let Trina Hall and Guest Speaker, Jasmine Stewart help you take your life to the highest level.

Get an early jumpstart on the new year and on an incredible life. You have put everyone else ahead of yourself for long enough. Stop suffering and fast-track to the life you have always dreamed of! No matter what level you are at, Trina and Jasmine will help you get to where you what to be. Let’s show the world the best version of you.

  • Learn tips to help you heal from the past and catapult your life forward immediately
  • Gain insights on how to live the life you desire and become “unstuck”
  • Bust through personal limitations and soar to the next level
  • Learn how to take your power back and gain control of your life
  • Get help with removing all the unneeded pressures in your life
  • Replace your insecurities and worries with inner peace
  • Learn how to spot a toxic person in your life and how to deal with them.
  • Learn to say “No” without the guilt
  • Acquire tools on how to be more productive
  • Gain tips on how to live a happier, fulfilling, and more energetic life
  • Uncover who you truly are and what you really want so your purpose can be revealed

Trina Hall is an award-winning & bestselling author, blogger, motivational speaker and intuitive life coach. She has had a tumultuous life – getting knocked down repeatedly until she reached rock bottom. As a result, she has gained decades of incredible wisdom and insight. Whether it be through her writings, television, radio shows, social media or in-person, Trina has used her innate gift to lessen suffering and to transform countless lives around the globe. She is looking forward to transforming yours as well.

Jasmine Stewart is a Registered Nurse who is also highly evolved spiritually. She has mastered holistic health in finding the perfect balance between mind, body and soul. Through her practices as an RN, she has first-hand knowledge in seeing how the mind, body and soul play a big role in the healing process. She has watched her mom go through many hard lessons time and time again. Because of this, she has perfected the art of spotting a toxic person and not letting them take away her power.

No more excuses! Come join Trina Hall and Jasmine Stewart at this powerful ELEVATE YOUR LIFE event on November 16th, 2019. They will help you create a clear path to a life beyond your wildest dreams. You got this!


Venue Website:

3969 Crawford Avenue, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada, V1K 1C4

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